phpunit: method serves different output based argument

I had the issue that my test-double sent incorrect values when invoked with specific arguments.

It returned null on every request.

First I thought this mock would return null on every call, but that’s not the case. Then I stumbled on this post on StackOverflow

The solution: the map-array needs all parameter-values listed in every element. Even the optional ones. I had to add null values for the optional parameters!

use returnValueMap method to map the received arguments to an array.

function myMethod($name, $optional=null){
  // ...

// Define which value need to be returned when 
// called with argument 'x'
// first element is argument 'x'; the argument passed, 
// 2nd element is the optional argument of the function
// 3d element is what will be returned by the test-double
$map = [
  ['value1', null, $valueToReturn1],
  ['value2', null, $valueToReturn2]


$request->getRepository('value1'); // will return $valueToReturn1

Without the null added to it, it won’t work.

Example for my mock with Symfony. This will return the relevant repository on a request for method getRepository and with returnvalues for arguments AppBundle:Valuation and AppBundle:ObjectInvolvement.

$map = [
    ['AppBundle:Valuation', $valuationRepository],
    ['AppBundle:ObjectInvolvement', $objectInvolvementRepository]


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