Show your query with values in Laravel 10 Eloquent

When debugging your eloquent model queries, it’s often nice to know which SQL query is executed in the end.

By default, Laravel won’t show you the values used in the query. Instead, it shows you a questionmark ? instead of the actual values. This is because of the parameter bindings in PDO.

Let’s create a ->toSqlWithBindings() macro so you can have the full query.

Create the macro as ServiceProvider


// file app/Providers/MacroServiceProvder.php


namespace App\Providers;

use Carbon\Carbon;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder as EloquentBuilder;
use Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder;
use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
use Illuminate\Support\Str;

class MacroServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
    public function boot(): void
        Builder::macro('toSqlWithBindings', function () {
            /** @var Builder $this */
            $bindings = array_map(
                fn ($parameter) => (is_string($parameter) || $parameter instanceof Carbon) ? "'{$parameter}'" : $parameter,
                /** @var Builder $this */

            return Str::replaceArray(

        /** @var Builder $this */
        EloquentBuilder::macro('toSqlWithBindings', fn () => $this->toBase()->toSqlWithBindings());

the serviceprovider file containing the macro which gives us the toSqlWithBindings() method on eloquent queries

Use it

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