Too large textareas

The other day I noticed really large textareas on the website. The textarea contained all the text and a lot of whitespace after it. After a short investigation I noticed two libraries fiddling with the height of textareas on the website: autosize and autogrow (a CKEditor plugin).

As the names suggests, they grow your textareas to the size of the text so you don’t have to scroll inside the textarea itself.


The large textareas reside on tabs which are not visible on pageload. And it were these textareas which grew out of bounds.

The cause is the following:

When an HTML-element is hidden, it is not possible for javascript to accurately get it’s width. And the width is needed to calculate correct dimensions for the textarea.

As noted on the autosize website (at the bottom) there are few things you can do:

  • assign a set width in pixels to the textarea in your stylesheet
  • delay autosizing until the element is revealed:

    var ta = document.querySelector(‘textarea’); ta.addEventListener(‘focus’, function(){ autosize(ta); });

  • use the autosize.update method after the element is revealed

The textareas I was dealing with did not have the issue with autosize, but rather with the autogrow plugin from CKEditor. The cause is the same.


My solution was to initiate the CKeditor on all visible textareas on the page. By putting this initiation in a function, I could call this function again when the contents of a new (bootstrap3) tab were loaded. But then again, a tab itself can contain hidden elements as well. So as a third I used library VisSense to observe relevant textareas when they become (partly) visible. I added a callback on this function to initiate CKEditor whenever the field becomes visible.

<!-- include the VisSense library -->
<script src=""></script>

// get all relevant textareas (eg: textareas which have the 
//attribute 'data-provide' with value 'wysiwyg')
let ckeditorElements = $('textarea[data-provide="wysiwyg"]');

// add a listener which instructs to add CKEditor when the 
// field comes into view
$(ckeditorElements).each(function (index, element) {
        .on('visible', function (monitor) {

 * Add CKEditor functionality to an HTML-element 
 * (usually a textarea)
 * @param element   HTML-element like $('div.some-class')
function addCKEditorToElement(element)
   let ckeditorTemplate = wysiwygConfigSmall;

   CKEDITOR.config.extraPlugins = 'autogrow';

    // instruct CKEditor to takeover this textarea

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