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Git remove local branches that don’t exist remote

The quick way:

git branch --merged master | grep -v '^[ *]*master$' | xargs git branch -d
git remote prune origin

Use the following to have the branches displayed before you’re asked to delete them.

branches=$(git branch --merged master | grep -v '^[ *]*master$'); \
printf '\n\nBranches to be removed:\n---\n'; \
echo ${branches} | xargs -n1; \
printf '---\n\nRemove the branches above? [Ny] ' \
    &&  read shouldDelete \
    && [[ "${shouldDelete}" =~ [yY] ]] \
      && echo $branches | xargs git branch -d \
      || echo 'aborted' 

source: https://stackoverflow.com/a/16906759

Ansible lineinfile module: unsupported parameter for module: path

Is Ansible giving you the error unsupported parameter for module: path when you’re using lineinfile?

Check your Ansible-version!

You probably used path (as of version 2.3) instead of dest.

$ ansible --version
  config file =
  configured module search path = Default w/o overrides

As the Ansible documentation states:

As of Ansible 2.3, the dest option has been changed to path as default, but dest still works as well.

Solution: change dest into path

This fixed it for me. Now I can ensure composer is in my path.

# file composer.yml

# add composer to $PATH
- lineinfile:
    regexp: 'export PATH=".*/project/vendor/bin.*"'
    line: 'export PATH="$PATH:/project/vendor/bin"'
    state: present
    dest: /home/vagrant/.bashrc

Explanation of the parts:

  • regexp: the regular expression to look for. The line that matches will be used for present or absent
  • line: this is the line that will be inserted/replaced into the file
  • state: whether or not line should be there. Tip: for advanced usage, look at backrefs for changing parts of the line.
  • dest: the file we want the line in

See the official documentation for more information.